Shadowrocket App Reviews

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嘘 别说出去

shhhh dont tell others. You know what this is for.

Great app

Shadowsocks works great, but ssr doesnt work in my setup. Protocol: auth sha1, obfs: tls1.2 Thank you!

Really really good

Thank god I can use socks5 on my iPad now.


Nice app , I can use ss at my iPhone.


nice,what not chinese?

Simple and easy to use

Very good app. Keep up the good work!

Affordable and easy to use.

Affordable and easy to use.


Widgets has some bugs on iPhone 6s. I can not build a connection but only can disconnect from the server.

very good

it can be used as conversational VPN for security enhancements through public wifi. also can be used as a custom firewall filter.

the best vpn app

simply the best

Still doesnt work

Seems dns function still has problem. My SS proxy works fine on mac. Just not on iPhone iPad

Affordable and easy to use.

Affordable and easy to use.

Doesnt work on iPhone

It worked for a short while in March and early April, didnt work well in before that and doesnt work now.


works nicely with shadowsocks as vpn

Great APP, much better than Surge!

Now i can play ingress smoothly. Thanks, developer!

Works for internal browser, but not other apps

The internal browser goes through proxy but this app fails to work as a proxy client in iphone.

Very Unstable

The internal browser works most of time, but the proxy function is very unstable, have to restart the app from time to time. A reliable way to use shadow socks is to run it on a PC and use LAN proxy. Other means I tired all failed under iOS 9.x.

Do not stable enough to connect server

It do not stable enough, even it could not stand for a second.

Please add UI support for iPad

Good apps for people in mainland China who need free internet, and please add support for iPad with a classic looking UI

It does not work

I filled in the IP address, port, password and other configuration settings. It does not work as my PC... It is a waste of money...

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